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Creators of award-winning resort, daily fee and private golf courses world-wide, including courses listed within the Top 10 "America's Best New Course" from Golf Digest Magazine, America's 100 Best Residential Courses from Golfweek Magazine and “2012 Renovation of the Year” from Golf Inc. Magazine, this Central Texas-based and Saint Simons Island, Georgia, -based firm is led by American Society of Golf Course Architects associate member Randy Russell.   
Golf Course Re-Design/Renovation Services
Golf courses evolve over time, and courses are often referred to as “living organisms.” With maintenance practices, environmental conditions and play ultimately taking a toll on course conditions, facelifts are generally necessary every 15 or 20 years to re-establish thriving growing mediums.
The game, its athletes and the technology also continues to evolve.  Balls are going farther, which also means they are going further off line.  The result is that a golf course’s strategic elements are out of place -- easily driven past by the really good player and adversely affecting the duffer class.  Owners are faced with the need to address these changes.  The easy solution is often to reconstruct the whole course to add length as well as widen safety corridors; however, that is not always possible or desired -- either because the land is not available, the budget is not available or the style is not appropriate.  In those instances, and in most cases we prefer, to use strategic elements to make the course more interesting, challenging and fun for every golfer to play.  
RussellGolf Design is equipped to help with anything ranging from minor modifications to major golf course reconstruction.  We are also skilled at helping you to improve environmental conditions or develop a Master Plan to execute over time.
Recently, RussellGolf Design was recognized for its redevelopment project at Rayburn Country Golf Club, for more information, please download our Rayburn Country Information Sheet.pdf.RussellGolf_Design_-_Golf_Course_Re-Design_and_Renovation_Services_files/Rayburn%20Country%20Information%20Sheet.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0